i have no doubt in the credibility of whatsoever of Mrs. Charlotte Osei, neither do i have doubt in her academic prowess or her ability deliver as head of the most crucial organization in the country..the Electoral Commission.

ever since she was appointed as EC boss in 2015 she has received little or no support at all from Ghanaians, the opposition especially has given her hell, they believe that she was appointed for n other reason done to deliver the flagstaff house to john mahama.

considering the important her office is to the democracy of this country i expect nothing but full support and encouragement for her from all Ghanaians.

Sadly i will say she is the most chastised public officer at the moment, she has been insulted, her ability and qualifications to hold the office questioned.

president mahama was accused of appointing her without a “wider consultation” which many others thought was absurd because the constitution only mentioned the council of state ( i stand to be corrected).

indeed as a human beings we are far from perfection and as such Mrs. Osei is not an exception. but i think she is over criticized and accused of so many things many of which are very very inappropriate.


so few weeks or so after her appointment the above picture was all over social media, well i see CHARLOTTE KESSON SMITH, maybe this picture actually resembles her and if this was even true does that mean she lucks the credibility to head the EC. because the last time i checked every Ghanaian belonged to one party or the other, maybe nobody is qualified to head the EC.

I admire her for her strength and courage, she stood her grounds despite the pressure from the political parties, she is a brave woman.

sexual accusations, uncooperative with the supreme court after the NHIS case, deliberately deleting the names of the  members of the opposition, and the latest is a  supposed communication between her and a member of the ruling party in which they discussed plans to rigged the elections for John mahama.


this two political parties has given this woman hell, but what a brave woman she is…

i will like to say that the president appointed her as the head of state not head of government.. and my understanding of this tells me that she was not appointing by NDC or NPP but by Ghanaians, just that the president and the council of state did it on behalf of all Ghanaians…and coincidentally the president happen to be from the NDC.

the country is hot yes, but i think the opposition is sending a wrong message, the opposition excuse my language is acting like the people they say dies many times before their death( cowards). instead of them to capitalise on the needs of the people and the cry for change and draft a good campaing message, they are trying to tell Ghanaians that there is a grand scheme by the NDC and the EC to manipulate the elections to favour JDM.


stay strong madam EC.